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October 2015 Archives

Man claims his disability and age led to his wrongful termination

Losing a job is always difficult, but such a loss is especially difficult when it is the result of an illegal employment practice. A man working outside the state of Florida alleges that, based on his age and disability, he was the victim of a such a devastating loss, and he has filed a complaint claiming wrongful termination. His complaint will be heard by a federal court.

Transgender woman claims she suffered harassment at Walmart

A survey of transgender individuals resulted in 90 percent of them saying that they suffered from harassment and other disparate treatment because of their gender identities. A former employee of Walmart, outside of Florida, alleges that she faced harassment and discrimination at the hands of one of her superiors. The woman wishes to bring her case forward on behalf of herself and other similarly situated Walmart workers.

CareerSource executive accused of imposing his religious views

The executive director for the South Florida CareerSource -- a state employee -- has been accused of trying to force his religious views upon employees. The three past and present workers involved allege they were the victims of religious discrimination. The claims involve instances where employees were forced to participate in religious activities on the job or refrain from doing so and, by those actions, identify themselves as followers of a different religious faith than that of the boss.

Woman claims her termination rooted in pregnancy discrimination

One of the side effects most women face when they become pregnant is nausea. Although nausea may be overwhelming at times, the symptom often comes and goes, and the time a woman needs to recover from nausea should not result in a wrongful termination. A woman working outside of Florida alleges she was terminated due to the symptoms of her pregnancy and has filed a complaint in a federal court.

DOL claims Houlihan workers are owed unpaid overtime and tips

If servers in Florida want to be successful in the restaurant industry, they need to hustle and do a good job to collect as much in tips as possible. However, when servers are victims of wage theft, all of that hard work may be in vain. The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit on behalf of servers in another state who were allegedly the victims of wage theft from unpaid overtime and tip pooling. The DOL has named A.C.E.R Group, -- which operates 17 restaurants -- the company president and partial owner as defendants.

Fastenal pays $1.25M for pre-employment discrimination claims

Fastenal, a federal contractor with locations in Florida and across the United States, was accused by the U.S. Department of Labor of disqualifying candidates through Fastenal's hiring process. The company distributes factory and construction supplies as well as nuts and bolts. In 2011 through 2012, Fastenal was apparently operating under a federal contract to provide $35 million of products and services. That is when the alleged employment discrimination occurred.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort faces sexual harassment complaints

The Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort in Florida may be a great place to relax and get away for visitors, but a staff member tells a different story of what happens behind closed doors. A woman who worked as a housekeeper and groundskeeper for the resort alleges that she was subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of her manager. She claims that her complaints about the uncomfortable situation got her fired.

Insensitive remarks cited in discrimination lawsuit

Workers with disabilities in Florida and across the United States can have difficult roads ahead after surgeries or when taking new medications. Sometimes both can have side effects that can make work life uncomfortable and even embarrassing. The effects of medical treatments should be handled delicately and without insensitive remarks from employers, and disabilities should never lead to unlawful terminations.

Learn what to do if your boss breaks the law

Earlier this year, The Amlong Firm published a white paper containing important information for whistleblowers. If you have not yet had taken a few minutes to read through the paper, we encourage you to do so now. This white paper provides tips that could help you protect yourself if you witness something illegal at work and decide to take a stand.

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