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February 2015 Archives

Driver complains his classification denies him overtime pay

Many consumers enjoy goods from all across the country because of the work of truck drivers. These men and women drive the roadways in Florida and elsewhere and expect to be compensated for the long hours that they spend away from home. Whether the drivers receive payment for overtime is dependent upon the way in which they are classified. If drivers work the hours and are not classified correctly, the drivers may turn to the law to receive their unpaid overtime.

Ex-Disney worker claims racial discrimination got her terminated

Disney World is generally associated with happiness and great memories for those who visit, but it may not always be as wonderful for its employees. A black woman who worked at the Florida theme park is alleging that she was the victim of racial discrimination. The plaintiff worked as a contract administrator for the company from 2012 to early 2014. Some of her duties included making photocopies, attending to guests and answering the telephone.

Disability discrimination claims declined in 2014

Having a disability is something that many Florida residents have had to come to terms with over the course of their lives. Some disabilities may have existed since birth, while some are the result of injuries sustained later in life. No matter the case, employees should not face discrimination based on their disabilities. If an individual believes that he or she has been discriminated against, he or she may be able to take legal action.

Unpaid wages could negatively affect Florida workers

When Florida residents work for an hourly wage, it is common that those workers are required to keep time cards that indicate when they come into work and when they leave. These time cards help keep track of the total number of hours worked, and therefore, those cards indicate how much a worker should be paid. If those cards are altered or kept improperly, there could be an issue regarding unpaid wages.

Florida has second highest number of discrimination complaints

It is often considered a great unfairness when someone is judged based on his or her age, ethnicity, religion or other factors. These judgments may sometimes come in the form of comments, but there are other actions that some individuals may face that could be truly detrimental. In some cases, parties may face employment discrimination due to personal aspects of themselves and miss out on opportunities.

Further action may be needed for Florida sexual harassment claims

Feeling at ease at a place of employment may seem like a difficulty for some Florida workers for various reasons. Some individuals may have anxiety over potentially making a mistake, being fired or other mentalities that may contribute to feeling nervous on the job. However, there are situations in which other employees can make workers feel uncomfortable, especially if those workers are being subjected to sexual harassment.

Florida DLE agent cites retaliation, files whistleblower claim

Witnessing or otherwise being aware of inappropriate actions in the workplace can put some employees in difficult situations. They may be wary about reporting the actions due to fears of retaliation for being considered a whistleblower. However, retaliatory efforts against employees should not be allowed, and individuals who believe they have been in similar situations may wish to determine whether taking legal actions could be wise.

Former Florida coach pursues wrongful termination case

When an employee is under contract, that individual is expected to perform the specified duties for the duration of that contract. Similarly, employers are expected to uphold their sides of employment contracts when it comes to pay, duration of employment and other terms. If one party does not adhere to the terms of the contract, there could potentially be reason to file a wrongful termination claim.

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