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November 2014 Archives

Claim filed after worker was subjected to sexual harassment

Being sexually harassed in any situation can be a scarring experience. Florida residents who have faced sexual harassment while on the job may feel especially affronted by the actions as workplace environments should not condone such activity. In instances where workers have been subjected to such uncomfortable circumstances, those parties may wish to address the situations through legal action.

Google accused of improperly classifying independent contractors

Many people may not be educated in the way in which they should be classified when working for their employer. The way that an individual in Florida is classified has a dramatic influence over the way in which he or she is paid and the benefits that can be received. Those who are classified as independent contractors are not eligible to receive overtime, which can dramatically affect one's paycheck.

Multi-million dollar verdict in employment discrimination case

Many people in Florida are familiar with the distinctive AutoZone sign. Regardless of the company's reputation as a distributor of car parts, one out-of-state woman has alleged that the company fosters a culture that prevents women from being promoted to store managers. In a recent employment discrimination case, one woman alleges that the company was reluctant, if not unwilling, to promote her, and she was reportedly demoted after having a child.

Florida workers may wish to combat wrongful termination

While on the job, some Florida workers may be faced with making difficult decisions. The decisions could be difficult because a supervisor or other employment superior could ask a worker to follow through with an action that the employee may not feel is right. Workers may worry that they could potentially be retaliated against if they do not follow orders, but they may also want to do the right thing. If workers do believe they are fired unjustly, they may want to consider legal action for wrongful termination.

Unpaid overtime may concern Florida employees

Many workers understand that there may be certain protocols and routines that must be followed before starting their workplace duties. However, in some cases, these routines could take a considerable amount of time to complete, and if individuals are not considered to be on the clock, they could potentially be missing out on additional pay. Unpaid overtime has been an issue for many workers in Florida and across the country, and taking legal action is sometimes necessary.

Pregnancy discrimination case may interest Florida workers

Many Florida residents know that, when a woman becomes pregnant, certain accommodations may need to be made in order to ensure her safety as well as the safety of the unborn baby. The changes may need to take place in the home or at the workplace. Unfortunately, not all employers may wish to make certain changes, and a worker could possibly be the victim of pregnancy discrimination.

Former coach files workplace discrimination suit against school

A former coach at a Florida university recently filed a workplace discrimination suit against the institution. According to the workplace discrimination claim, the university behaved in a discriminatory way toward him after he revealed that he suffered from multiple sclerosis. He alleges that he was then terminated after complaining about how he was treated by the school's officials.

Discrimination should not trump GLBT rights in Florida

Individuals who want to be a part of the Florida workforce should not be denied that right due to discriminatory actions. Discrimination has and can lead to numerous individuals being passed over for a position or feeling as if they need to leave their job due to the hostile work environment. Individuals who identify as part of the GLBT community may have been subjected to such treatment, but it may be prudent to know that many individuals feel that GLBT rights are important.

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