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Unpaid overtime may concern Florida employees


Many workers understand that there may be certain protocols and routines that must be followed before starting their workplace duties. However, in some cases, these routines could take a considerable amount of time to complete, and if individuals are not considered to be on the clock, they could potentially be missing out on additional pay. Unpaid overtime has been an issue for many workers in Florida and across the country, and taking legal action is sometimes necessary.

A shift supervisor at a prison in a nearby state has filed a complaint over a lack of overtime pay that he believes workers should be entitled to. It was reported that workers must take up to 30 minutes before clocking in to take care of pre-shift duties, such as filing reports, getting safety equipment and acknowledging orders. It was noted that supervisors at this facility were considered a part of the management system, which meant that they are not entitled to overtime pay.

The complaint stems from the issue that supervisors often perform the same duties as others workers, but due to the managerial status, they often work over 40 hours a week without additional pay. The suit is hoping to obtain back wages and end to the overtime pay exemption. The case has been filed by a single individual, but a collective status could potentially be awarded.

Overtime pay can be a sensitive situation and can largely depend on the applicable laws and regulations concerning a particular employment position. However, if a Florida worker believes that he or she should receive compensation for additional hours worked, looking into information on legal options for unpaid overtime may be beneficial. Such information may be able shed light on whether overtime pay could be applicable under the specific circumstances.

Source:, "Prison operator accused of denying workers overtime pay", Clay Chandler, Nov. 8, 2014

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