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Discrimination Should Not Trump LGBT Rights in Florida


Individuals who want to be a part of the Florida workforce should not be denied that right due to discriminatory actions. Discrimination has and can lead to numerous individuals being passed over for a position or feeling as if they need to leave their job due to the hostile work environment. Individuals who identify as part of the LGBT community may have been subjected to such treatment, but it may be prudent to know that many individuals feel that LGBT rights are important.

It was recently reported that a poll was conducted regarding workplace discrimination and sexual orientation. A considerable number of the individuals who participated in the poll indicated that they believed that companies should not discriminate against individuals based on sexual preference. Many of those parties also believed that federal law should work to protect those individuals in the LGBT community from such discrimination.

Though over half of the response was positive regarding LGBT protection, there were those who felt that some organizations should be exempt from certain discrimination laws. However, those organizations fell into categories where religion played a role, such as churches. Those individuals also believed that private institutions should also be exempt from certain discrimination laws if they too cited religious reasons.

Though there have been considerable efforts made in the furthering of LGBT rights, there are still strides that could potentially be made. Protection from workplace discrimination in Florida and across the country could be a significant step in the direction of bettering situations for those individuals. Discrimination in any capacity can be detrimental to the party being discriminated against, and in some cases, legal action may be necessary to right the situation.

Source: Forbes, "Americans Sound Off On Sexual Preference Workplace Discrimination", Karsten Strauss, Oct. 30, 2014

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