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Employees in Florida may challenge non-compete agreements


In order to protect business secrets, intellectual property and data, some companies may require employees to sign certain contracts. Non-compete agreements are designed just for this purpose, and will prevent employees who leave the company from using this information to benefit a competitor. These agreements, while certainly serve a valuable purpose, can at times be overly prohibitive. Florida employees who have been required to sign this type of document can challenge the terms of the contract.

There are certain standards that must be met when devising a non-compete agreement. However, if employees feel the contract infringes on their individual rights, questions may be raised regarding the validity of the document. Contracts that are overly restrictive, set unreasonable prohibitions and require abnormally harsh penalties if the contract is breached may not meet required legal standards.

While these contracts are often considered vital for protecting business information, the terms must also be legal and fair. No one should have their career damaged or held back due to possibly illegal restrictions set forth in these agreements. More information about non-compete agreements and how an attorney can help you challenge this type of contract can be viewed on our Non-Compete Agreements webpage.

Employees in Florida do have the right to look out for themselves and ensure their own legal rights are being protected. Whether you need someone to review a non-compete agreement to ensure the terms are valid or if you need to challenge an already signed contract, help is available. An attorney who is knowledgeable concerning both federal and state employment laws can help by reviewing non-compete agreements to ensure the restrictions set are fair, and by challenging those that are not.

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