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October 2014 Archives

On-the-job sexual harassment case may interest Florida workers

Facing inappropriate sexual actions on the job can be a hazard for individuals of any gender. As a result, both male and female workers could be at risk of being the victim of sexual harassment. This harassment could come in the form of inappropriate touching, comments or other actions. If an employee is being subjected to such a situation, filing a complaint with a supervisor may be necessary.

Florida worker files wrongful termination claim against company

Being let go from an employment position can be devastating for a person both emotionally and financially. In some cases, the termination of an employee may come about for various and acceptable reasons. However, there are certain situation in which an employee may feel that their firing was unjust. If an party believes that their employment circumstances did not warrant being let go, he or she may consider filing a wrongful termination claim.  

Non-compete agreements may trouble low-wage Florida workers

For many Florida companies, having trade secrets is one way of ensuring that they are able to offer something different than their competition. However, these secrets often have to be told to employees, which could lead to potential risk of those secrets being exposed. As a result, some companies may have workers sign non-compete agreements. In some situations though, those agreements may seem out of place.

Unpaid overtime could negatively affect Florida workers

Working 40 hours a week can be very taxing on Florida employees. As a result, they should be entitled to overtime pay if their position is not exempt from those wages. Working additional hours typically leads to individuals being paid more than their usual hourly wage as compensation. However, sometimes parties may be the victims of unpaid overtime, and legal action may be necessary in order to obtain that compensation.

EEOC files suit against FedEx for workplace discrimination

In the ideal Florida workplace, employers would take the time to accommodate workers who have disabilities or other reasons to need special adjustments. In fact, there are laws and regulations in place that should ensure that this ideal workplace exists for disabled individuals. Unfortunately, many workers may end up losing pay or their jobs in entirely due to workplace discrimination and lack of accommodations from employers.

Restaurant workers susceptible to sexual harassment in Florida

Many Florida residents may go out to restaurants to have an enjoyable meal and spend time with their friends and family. However, for many workers in the restaurant industry, going to their places of employment may not be enjoyable. Restaurant workers are at a considerable risk of facing sexual harassment while on the job, and a recent study shed some unsettling light on the situation.

Former coach files wrongful termination suit in Florida

Being treated unfairly in the workplace is an unfortunate circumstance that many individuals may find themselves facing. This unfair treatment could lead to their being subjected to inappropriate comments or actions, or they may even be fired from their positions without just cause. In such a case, a former worker may have reason to file a wrongful termination suit against his or her former employers.

Florida contract disputes could potentially lead to strikes

Contracts are a very important part of many Florida business agreements between employers and employees. These agreements can keep expectation clear about what each side will provide and receive. Contracts often have expiration dates, and when it is time to configure new agreements, disputes can arise as to what would be fair for both sides. If one party feels that they are not being treated justly, they may want to consider their legal options.

Florida workers report unpaid wages to authorities

When a person is employed to perform certain duties, it is expected that the employee will be paid for the services. Unpaid wages can cause significant problems for individuals who are working to earn those wages. While the lack of payment could lead to personal issues, the employee may also feel that the situation needs more attention. Under such conditions, a worker may want to consider legal action.

Harassment case could interest Florida workers

Judging individuals based on their ethnicity, race, religion or other factors is a practice that many individuals would consider unseemly. Regrettably, many Florida residents often face harassment and discrimination due to such aspects of themselves and their lives. Employees may even be subjected to inappropriate comments and actions at their place of employment, and as a result, they may leave their jobs due to the hostile environment. In such cases, an individual could potentially have cause to file a legal claim.

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