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September 2014 Archives

Florida workers may have to take steps against sexual harassment

Being harassed at a place of employment can be considerably difficult for Florida employees. Sexual harassment can range from inappropriate comments to unwanted physical contact, and employees should be able to report such actions in hopes of seeing steps taken to end such behavior. If a worker is the victim of such harassment and supervisors do not address the situation, additional action may be necessary.

Retaliatory discharge leads to Florida worker filing a claim

When a Florida worker is injured on the job, the injury may not be so severe that they have to discontinue working entirely. However, an injury could result in an employee needing to miss days of work in order to attend medical check-ups for the injury. Unfortunately, some employers may find it an inconvenience to have a worker that must miss days due to an injury, and a worker could potentially be a victim of retaliatory discharge.

Employees in Florida may challenge non-compete agreements

In order to protect business secrets, intellectual property and data, some companies may require employees to sign certain contracts. Non-compete agreements are designed just for this purpose, and will prevent employees who leave the company from using this information to benefit a competitor. These agreements, while certainly serve a valuable purpose, can at times be overly prohibitive. Florida employees who have been required to sign this type of document can challenge the terms of the contract.

Religious discrimination cases may interest Florida workers

For many Florida residents, their religion may be a significant part of their lives and play a role in how they conduct themselves. As a result, some individuals may not be able to work on certain days or during certain times due to religious reasons. Unfortunately, some employees could potentially face religious discrimination in the workplace and possibly lose their jobs as a result.

Florida worker files claim for unpaid wages

For many individuals in the food service industry, tips may be considered a significant part of their income. However, if workers are performing duties on the job that do not provide opportunity to be given a tip, employees should be paid at least minimum wage. However, in some situations, workers may not be compensated properly for the duties they perform and may have cause to file a claim for unpaid wages.

Whistleblower claims stem from Florida woman's termination

When an employee believes that unfair conduct is taking place at a place of employment, he or she may report the situation. As a result, the activity may come to an end, but under unfortunate circumstances, a worker could potentially be retaliated against for making a report. If an individual believes that he or she was treated unfairly, looking into whistleblower claims and legal action could potentially suit the case.

Florida companies named in sexual harassment lawsuits

Having a safe work environment is typically something that the majority of employees hope to have. Not only does this mean that the risk of workplace accidents is low but that there is little likelihood of facing sexual harassment while on the job. Unfortunately, work environments can quickly begin to feel unsafe if a supervisor or co-worker makes unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances toward another worker.

Florida victims of wrongful termination should have options

When a Florida resident is let go from a job, he or she may hope that the termination came about for a just cause. However, there are numerous cases in which workers feel that they were fired from their positions without adequate reasoning. In such a situation, a former employee may feel that taking legal action against an employer for wrongful termination could be the right step for the situation.

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