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July 2014 Archives

Possible labor law changes could affect new Florida mothers

For many Florida women who are expectant mothers, the idea of soon having a child could be one that fills them with joy. However, if they are also employees, those soon-to-be mothers may fear that their income will suffer when they take time away to be with their newborn. As a result of this fear, labor law could see changes that could potentially lead to better paid leave for new mothers.

Pregnancy discrimination guideline changes could impact Florida

Anti-discrimination laws and guidelines are in place in Florida and across the country to better ensure that all workers are given a fair shot at employment. Unfortunately, even with these laws in place, employees can still be subjected to unfair treatment due to discriminatory actions. When many cases of discrimination continue to be brought up, changes to guidelines may be needed to ensure that employers and workers alike understand what certain actions could mean.

Harassment points to workplace inequality in Florida

For decades, women in Florida and across the country have been fighting for more equality in the workplace. Some parties may believe that equality has been achieved, but others understand that many strides must still be made before workplace equality can be claimed. Unfortunately, women still face a significant amount of harassment while on the job that hinders the idea there is equality.

Florida employee rights aid against discrimination

Many Florida residents know that once they have been hired to a position there are certain rights that they have the ability to take advantage of. However, it is also important for individuals to understand that employee rights can be applied before an individual is hired as well. Parties have the right to not be discriminated against when going through the application and interview process, and if a person feels they have been discriminated against, they may wish to look into their options for correcting the situation.

Incorrectly categorized Florida interns may consider wage claims

When a young person is breaking into the Florida workforce, they may consider taking on an internship to help gain necessary experience. However, internships are at times unpaid, and it is coming into question more and more often if not paying interns is just. If individuals believe that their duties are befitting those of an employee who should receive at least minimum wage for their work, they may wish to file wage claims in order to receive compensation.

Florida employees should fully understand non-compete agreements

For many Florida companies, contracts and agreements are drawn up to ensure that employees follow certain standards if they are hired by the company. Some employment contracts could include non-compete agreements, which some prospective employees may sign without realizing the full implications. Such agreements could potentially lead to employees being unable to seek new positions in their respective fields for years, or place them in other negative situations that they may not have anticipated.

Florida workers may be afraid to report sexual harassment

In many cases where certain issues are being discussed, some individuals may feel that the topic is a serious problem while others may not see the situation as such. Unfortunately, many parties do not believe that sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a prevalent issue. However, such harassment continues to take place in Florida and other places across the country, and many workers may not be reporting it.

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