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June 2014 Archives

Wage theft could lead to wage claims and legal action in Florida

Individuals often work hard for their wages in order to be able to provide for themselves and their families. Therefore, when an employer fails to pay Florida workers the proper compensation, the lives of those workers could be negatively impacted. In order to fight such theft, employees may wish to file wage claims in order to receive the pay that they are entitled to for their hours worked.

Technology advances could lead to age discrimination in Florida

When Florida residents are searching for a job, the list of qualifications on some hiring ads can seem intimidating. However, many individuals of all ages possess the necessary experience and knowledge to be a valuable employee. Unfortunately, some employers may feel that older individuals may not be suited for certain positions, which could potentially be seen as discrimination.

Improper disciplinary action may violate Florida employee rights

Being an employee means that there are certain rights that an individual is entitled to. These employee rights should be respected by workers and employers, but unfortunately, there are some instances in which workers have their rights infringed upon. This infringement could include being fired from a position without just cause, which is a situation that many employees across the country, including in Florida, have found themselves in.

Florida workers may fear being fired for sexual harassment claims

When an uncomfortable situation is occurring at a place of employment, Florida workers may be able to handle it on their own. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and informing superiors of sexual harassment or other actions at work may be necessary. However, if supervisors do not take the appropriate action against such acts, taking legal matters may be necessary.

Do background checks lead to employment discrimination?

It is possible that required background checks lead to employment discrimination? Florida readers know that it is not uncommon for employers to require all applicants to submit to a criminal background check. However, it is possible that this practice has actually led to employment discrimination in some situations.

Florida sexual harassment lawsuit settled

The majority of working individuals in Florida work because they must in order to meet their bills and living expenses. These individuals expect to be able to work in an environment that allows them to do their job and perhaps advance within their field based upon their work performance. An environment in which sexual harassment is present is not only illegal, but it inhibits individuals from enjoying their work and being able to thrive in it.

Florida worker files claim against Apple for discrimination

Performing well at the designated duties of an occupation can be a great source of pride for many workers. They may wish to show employers and supervisors that they are responsible and dedicated to bettering the business in which they work. In many cases, employees are rewarded for good work with promotions or other incentives. However, there are situations in which employees may feel that they were overlooked for a promotion or other award due to discrimination.

Florida firefighters work to negotiate employment agreements

An important aspect of employment is that employees feel that their wishes and needs are being met. In this situation, employment agreements can help ensure that all parties involved are better able to understand what each side wants from the professional relationship. If a contract does not address the terms of one or both parties, legal action may be necessary in order for the employers and employees to come to an agreement.

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