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May 2014 Archives

Former Florida hospital employee files sexual harassment claim

A situation in which a person is sexually harassed can be upsetting, humiliating and frightening. If such a situation occurs at a place of employment, a worker typically depends on their supervisor or employer to correct the situation. However, if the abuser is an employer, the situation may become more complicated, and a sexual harassment victim may not know where to turn. Luckily, there are legal options that could help a victim or victims out of the situation.

Florida could expand labor law to cover anti-bullying

When it comes to bullies, some Florida residents may consider it a problem for children and not adults. However, many instances of bullying can occur in the workplace and cause concern for workers in that environment. At this time, labor law does not protect workers from instances of workplace bullying, but some states may be looking to change that.

Labor law violations: Florida college failed to pay overtime

There are many protections that employees may wish to take advantage of to make sure they are being treated properly. If an employer violates labor law, it can have extremely negative effects on the workers. As a result, some parties may feel the need to create a union that will potentially help them receive the proper treatment as dictated under employment law.

Florida wage theft victims may wish to file wage claims

When it comes to working a minimum wage job, many Florida residents may be grateful to have a job but may still be unable to fully support themselves on the low wages. Even more unfortunately, some of those workers may be the victims of wage theft and have their wages reduced even further. If individuals find themselves in such a situation, filing wage claims may be in their best interests.

Discrimination case reopened after potential bias

When it comes to Florida court cases, many factors can go into ensuring that an individual receives a fair trial without bias. In some instances, a case may even be reopened if new information is discovered that could potentially have had a biased effect on the outcome of a case. When such information is associated with a workplace discrimination case, it is important that the case is re-evaluated.

Certain laws could hurt sexual harassment cases in Florida

Being harassed in a workplace environment can be a very difficult situation to handle. When the situation is also brushed off by authority figures, it can seem even more distressing. By having more information on how to handle sexual harassment in a Florida workplace, an individual may be better equipped to move forward with ensuring that such hostile circumstances are addressed in a satisfactory manner.

Case involving employment agreements could be pursued in Florida

As many Florida employees know, there can be many expectations when being hired for a certain position. As a result, employment agreements may be entered into that spell out what is expected of an employee and employer. If these agreements are violated in some way or did not disclose the proper information, a legal matter could arise that needs to be dealt with in the correct manner.

Wage-and-hour law could be an issue for Florida overnight workers

Ensuring that workers are compensated properly for the number of hours worked should be a top priority for employers. Understandably, there are instances in which wage-and-hour law can become difficult to navigate, especially if work hours are not necessarily conventional. However, employers should do their best to see that workers receive the pay to which they are entitled, or employees may feel the need to address serious issues with their pay.

Florida farm workers see improvement to their employee rights

There has been much attention given lately to those individuals who are employed by the agricultural industry to pick tomatoes and other produce in Florida. These workers have been a focus because there has been much scrutiny over the treatment of the workers and their employee rights. Luckily, changes seem to be taking effect.

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