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April 2014 Archives

Discrimination charges apparently not uncommon in Florida

When a person is considering applying for a new job, they may take many aspects into consideration. One of these aspects is likely the location of the job. Some individuals may wish to do their research on how employment is handled in certain states, and unfortunately, some may think twice about applying for a job in Florida due to its ranking for number of discrimination and harassment charges.

When is the time to file a harassment case in Florida?

When it comes to facing difficult situations in the workplace in Florida, it is important to be able to distinguish what types of situations may garner more serious action. In some instances, harassment or gender discrimination may be taking place that deserves to be examined from a legal standpoint. However, there are situations in which the conditions may not be serious enough.

Changes could be coming to Florida discrimination laws

Becoming pregnant can be a time of ups and downs for any woman as they may be heading into unknown territory. One aspect they should not have to worry about, however, is whether they will face discrimination in the workplace due to their pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women have faced such situations, but changes could potentially be ahead in some states.

Not paying overtime is a violation of employee rights in Florida

Overtime pay can be wages that some employees are happy to earn. The extra time put into their duties can often allow them to earn more than their usual hourly rate. However, there are also instances in Florida and across the country where employee rights are violated, and workers are not properly compensated for the time they spend working overtime.

Florida State grad assistants seek employment contract changes

When it comes to employment, contracts can play a significant role in how a person's professional career will play out. An employment contract often lays out what is expected from both parties, including duties and pay rates for the employee. If employees begin to feel that such a contract is no longer beneficial, they may wish to look into legal routes for making modifications to that contract.

Withholding wages can be detrimental to Florida workers

Many Florida employees work in jobs where they often feel under-appreciated, and sometimes underpaid, for the work that they do. One of the most prominent industries where employees may feel this way is the fast food industry. Unfortunately, there have even been reports of withholding wages that can be detrimental to the livelihood of individuals living paycheck to paycheck.

Florida employees could be victims of gender discrimination

Unequal pay has been an issue that women in the workforce have had to contend with for decades. The situation may seem outdated to some, but the problem is still prevalent today. Many Florida female employees may see such unequal pay as gender discrimination and feel the need to take action in order to work toward a more equal and unbiased workplace.

Tipped employees in Florida may keep an eye on wage-and-hour law

Changes in minimum wage standards have been a point of serious debate as of late in Florida and across the country. There are many facets of wage-and-hour law that are being considered for different areas. A raise in the total amount of minimum wage currently being paid is supported by many different authorities figures, and those in industries where tipping is the norm could potentially see a change in their wages as well.

Florida sees fewer discrimination cases, still significant number

Going to work can range from being an enjoyable experience to something that fills an employee with dread to think about. On occasion, this dread can be the result of facing discrimination in the workplace that can make for a difficult working environment. If a person is the victim of such actions, they should understand that there are courses of action that they may be able to take to better their situations.

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