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August 2012 Archives

Landmark pregnancy discrimination case headed for appeal

The life of a working mother can be quite challenging. This statement is often uniquely true when children are very young and they are still dependant on their mothers in very primal ways. When mothers need to pump breast milk several times over the course of a work day, finding the time, privacy and storage capabilities to do so can be a frustrating process.

Recovery from the 'mancession' leading to discrimination for women

In some circles, the recent recession is referred to as the "mancession." This is because American men suffered from uncharacteristic levels of unemployment at the height of the latest economic downturn. However, it seems that it is female workers who may be suffering from a certain level of gender discrimination in hiring as the recovery process moves forward.

Two states now ban employers from requesting Facebook passwords

It has become apparent that social media is blurring the line between work and private life. Unfortunately, unless this line is clearly defined and stays fixed, it can create a multitude of problems for both employees and employers.

Disney faces discrimination lawsuit from Muslim former employee

It is hard to think of Florida without also thinking of Disney. Walt Disney World is not only responsible for generating considerable tourism revenue, it is a vacation destination for families in Florida and around the world.

Unpaid interns seek expansion of wage lawsuit against movie studio

Last November, we wrote about a high-profile lawsuit that has brought much attention to some common problems associated with unpaid internships. Two young men who formerly worked as interns in the production of the movie "Black Swan" brought a class-action lawsuit against Fox Searchlight.

Discrimination lawsuit names EEOC - as a defendant

In many discrimination lawsuits filed against employers in Florida and throughout the country, the employee plaintiffs have a powerful ally on their side: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the EEOC. This federal agency has the duty and responsibility to protect workers from discrimination and hold employers accountable for failing to treat employees fairly. So why is the EEOC now facing such a lawsuit and allegations that it did exactly that?

Recent decision affects State Department's ability to discriminate

Employment law is complicated and nuanced. Although anti-discrimination laws protect the vast majority of American workers in a variety of scenarios, notable exceptions exist. For example, some federal laws only protect workers employed at companies of a certain size. Additionally, some applicants with criminal records may be discriminated against during the hiring process, provided that their record directly relates to the job at hand.

Employers may not discriminate based on ability tests in hiring

The Olympians dominating the news this past week have had their abilities scrutinized, critiqued and tested for all the world to see as they race, perform and compete their way toward gold. However, it is not only athletes who must have their abilities tested in order to reach significant goals. Students, professionals and average employees alike are often tested before they may advance to the next level of their given pursuits.

Labor Department receives record number of wage and hour claims

Earlier this week, we wrote about a high-profile employment lawsuit brought against singer Celine Dion. A former employee who worked as a handyman at Dion's Florida home filed a wage and hour claim against the pop star and her husband. Among other allegations, the man claims he was misclassified as an "exempt" employee and wrongfully denied overtime pay.

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