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April 2012 Archives

EEOC ruling clarifies transgender employee protections

We often write about employment discrimination cases which are somewhat disheartening. Unfortunately, even though the law largely protects workers against harassment and discrimination, loopholes exist that employers will always try to exploit.

South Florida female firefighter wins major sexual harassment suit

While women have made a lot of progress in their fight for workplace equality, there are still a number of traditionally male-dominated professions where female employees are often viewed as unwelcome intruders.

Age discrimination bill may help to restore workers' rights

Due to both legislation and various Supreme Court rulings, it is either easier or more difficult for certain groups to obtain justice for discrimination in the workplace. Those seeking restitution for age discrimination were put in a more precarious position when a 2009 United States Supreme Court ruling altered the ways in which the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act is treated in judicial proceedings.

No pending executive order to end gay employment discrimination

Sometimes greeted with applause and sometimes greeted with howls of protest, President Obama has created many executive orders during his first term in office. In fact, since this past autumn the White House has argued that frequent use of its executive order power allows the administration to move on issues that the American people "can't wait" for other legislative or judicial action on.

Major insurer pays $17,000 to fired employee for FMLA violation

Last week we wrote about a disappointing Supreme Court decision that could negatively affect workers in Florida and across the country who are considered state employees. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states have sovereign immunity and are therefore protected against lawsuits seeking money damages for violating certain provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Younger generation of employees is more open to office romances

We have previously written that office romances can be tricky territory; so tricky, in fact, that many human resources professionals would say that the risks nearly always outweigh the potential benefits. For instance, what happens if the couple breaks up or the relationship sours?

Court's ruling could hurt Florida's state workers on medical leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 allows workers to take a certain amount of unpaid leave from work to attend to family or personal health issues without fear of losing one's job.

Were South Florida workers fired for protesting office policies?

When Florida residents have a work dispute with management involving their employment status or unfair working conditions, many are likely to seek the representation of a lawyer. But in one recent case from South Florida, a law firm appears to be at the heart of the employee dispute.

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