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November 2015 Archives

T-Mobile accused of silencing employees facing sexual harassment

It takes a lot of courage for employees in Florida and elsewhere to stand up for themselves if they believe that they are being harassed, but it unfortunately is a situation that most simply endure. A former employee of T-Mobile alleges that after she presented her sexual harassment complaint, she was told that she could not speak about it under the threat of facing repercussions. She claims that she was working hard and being successful in her position until she was placed under her new supervisor.

IT workers accuse Disney of national origin discrimination

Many Florida workers become disillusioned when they fail to find employment after getting great educations at good colleges. Some may even find employment, only to be discharged and replaced by workers from foreign countries. It is alleged that national origin discrimination is prevalent, and a recent report indicates that increased numbers of American workers lose their jobs to workers from other countries who are in the country on H-1B visas and other forms of temporary residency.

Seeking justice for workplace discrimination in Florida

Florida employers and all others are obligated to follow the laws and regulations that govern employer-employee relations in the workplace. Workplace discrimination is an ongoing problem in many states that can make affected workers feel humiliated, frustrated and angry. Those facing such circumstances should know that there is recourse available through the legal system by filing a workplace discrimination claim in a civil court.

Sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former Pines police aide

A woman who worked for the Pines police department in Florida claims that her relationship with a co-workers had turned into a nightmare. The former police aide alleges that she was the victim of sexual harassment after she ended her relationship with an officer. She began working for the department in 2010 and entered into the relationship five months later. The relationship lasted less than two years.

Plane evacuation leads to a pilot's alleged wrongful termination

Airplane pilots have a tremendous responsibility to their passengers and crew. If pilots believe that there is a potential for danger, is it better to be safe than sorry? A former Allegiant Air pilot claims that he suffered a wrongful termination after he felt that there was something wrong with his aircraft and evacuated his passengers at a Florida airport.

Have you experienced unwanted behavior on the job in Florida?

The Florida Civil Rights Act prohibits employment practices that discriminate on the basis of sex. Those who have experienced unwanted behavior or harassment in the workplace might understand the trauma that a group of Latino women suffered in another state. Their situation was recently resolved by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Harassment in the workplace ongoing problem in Florida

South Florida is an area that is sometimes called a "melting pot," where all people should be accepted. The reality, however, is that many prejudices remain surrounding national origin, race and/or religious affiliation that could affect employees in the workplace. Many employees suffer from harassment because of these and other issues.

Jury says men were fired because of their religion

Florida employers may not supposed to discriminate against employees based on a number of factors, including race, gender and religion. In many cases, employers are required to make reasonable accommodations to employees so long as doing so does not cause undo harm to the operation of the business. When two men complained that they were fired because of their religion, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stepped in on their behalf.

Waffle House sued for not hiring worker alleging FCRA violations

Unfair use of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act in background checks has been the subject of multiple employment litigations. Home Depot, Food Lion, Chuck E. Cheese, Whole Foods and BMW have all paid settlements in such lawsuits this year. A man from Florida recently filed a lawsuit against Waffle House in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division, claiming the defendant violated the FCRA in doing a background check that resulted in the company not hiring him for an advertised position.

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