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March 2014 Archives

NFL rule changes could lower chances of harassment in Florida

When many Florida residents think of sports teams, the idea of camaraderie may be one that comes to mind. Players can often be seen encouraging one another and celebrating victories and other successes. However, not everyone on a team may feel as included as others and could potentially even face harassment from their teammates that could lead to a hostile work environment.

Fighting for employee rights still concern for Florida workers

When it comes to difficult working environments, farm workers may feel that they face many hardships while on the job. These issues can range from harsh weather and other working conditions to unfair pay and harassment while on the job. As a result, many workers may feel the need to stand up for their employee rights in order to attain a better workplace situation.

Employee rights violations could lead to action in Florida

When it comes to the actions that employees are able to take during work, and while away from work, it is important for them to understand why some actions may be punishable. If they partake in certain activities that their employer does not deem appropriate, they could face serious consequences. However, it is important for Florida workers to ensure that their employee rights are not being infringed upon if they are punished or fired due to a certain event.

Potential change in overtime law could affect Florida workers

Many Florida residents are aware of the president's recent efforts concerning the increase of minimum wage and other wage-and-hour issues. Because one of those areas of focus is on overtime pay, it is important for workers who may be affected by changes to be informed on the issue. At this time, a change in policy could lead to several different results, and some are questioning whether those results will be beneficial.

Discrimination still prevalent across the country and in Florida

Many Florida residents know that presenting a different outward appearance can lead to some difficulties. Discrimination is still an unfortunately prevalent issue, and individuals who have obvious differences are sometimes the most at risk of being the victim of such actions. However, discriminatory practices should not be tolerated at a place of employment especially, and if an employee feels that they were treated unfairly, filing a complaint may not be an unthinkable action.

Low-wage workers in Florida may face sexual harassment

Many Florida residents can feel extremely grateful for being employed, even if that position is in a low-wage job. Unfortunately, individuals who work in low-paying positions may be subjected to more difficult work environments as opposed to those who may be in a higher paying position or more prestigious company. Sexual harassment is apparently continuing to be extremely prevalent in the workplace and even more so in low-wage jobs.

Employment agreements at Florida theme park undergo negotiations

When it comes to working for a company, especially if workers are part of a union, understanding what is expected from both sides is important. Many companies create employment agreements in order for expectations to be clear and to create legally binding agreements. These contracts can work well for both sides as employers and employees alike can be held accountable for their actions if they go against contracts.

Wage-and-hour law violations lead to store owner's arrest

When running a Florida business, an owner should be honest and trustworthy as well as have the ability to be unbiased when it comes to hiring workers. If a business runner is not capable of such actions, employees could face discrimination and violations of wage-and-hour law. It is unfortunate that many workers have found themselves in similar situations and that action needed to be taken in order to rectify the situation.

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