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March 2012 Archives

More states considering legislation to ban jobless discrimination

We have previously written about a worrying trend in national hiring practices over the past few years. Despite the high numbers of long-term unemployment caused by the recession, a growing number of employers have been engaging in employment status discrimination.

Facebook speaks out against job interview password requirement

Last week, we wrote about the latest disturbing employment trend related to use of social media. It has already become common practice for employers to see what dirt they can find on job applicants by looking at their publicly available Facebook profile before or after an interview.

More employers now asking applicants for their Facebook passwords

Facebook and other social media sites continue to provide much fuel for controversy between employers and employees, as well as those seeking employment. Several of our previous posts have discussed employees who have faced retaliation or wrongful termination due to comments they made on Facebook which either disparaged the company or a supervisor.

South Florida sexual harassment case could face arbitration snag

In November, we wrote about disturbing allegations of inappropriate conduct by members of the kitchen staff at a restaurant in Boca Raton; a restaurant which is among the more prestigious in all of South Florida.

Eight Florida taxi drivers file religious discrimination charges

In a post 9/11 America, religious tolerance seems to have fallen by the wayside, especially toward the followers of Islam. As a result, more American Muslims are finding themselves victims of religion discrimination in the workplace, including workers across Florida.

More South Florida restaurant workers join employment lawsuits

South Florida has seen a lot of employment-law-related activity centered in the restaurant industry over the past few months. Our last post focused on a lawsuit against the owner/operator of a South Florida restaurant. Several women who worked for the restaurant alleged that they were victims of sexual harassment by a customer and that management did nothing to keep them safe or rectify the situation.

EEOC settles sexual harassment suit with South Florida restaurant

We have previously written that sexual harassment in the workplace does not have to be initiated by co-workers or supervisors. For instance, employees in service industries are sometimes harassed by the customers they interact with. In these cases, it is the responsibility of management and owners to step in and rectify the situation.

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