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January 2012 Archives

Florida's job numbers highlight importance of employment lawsuits

Because of the economic recession of the last several years, times are tough everywhere. But the situation seems especially dire here in Florida. According to a recent analysis of U.S. Census data, Florida has the highest rate in the nation of long-term unemployment.

Walmart gender discrimination issues continue

We have written previously about the long-running gender discrimination suits and scandal facing retail giant Walmart and how the outcome of such legal actions could affect Walmart employees here in South Florida. Though Walmart secured a decisive victory last summer when the Supreme Court ruled that the largest class-action employment lawsuit in history could not move forward as originally filed, the story continues.

EEOC data shows more diversity and more discrimination at work

Diversification of the workforce is a priority in many industries in South Florida and elsewhere. Companies both large and small have increasingly sought to hire employees with varied backgrounds, experiences and worldviews.

Florida congressman accused of sexual harassment

I think we've all been in uncomfortable situations, but when someone is making unwanted advances towards you in the workplace; it's hard to believe that you are experiencing sexual harassment. This week a Florida woman alleges sexual harassment, including unwanted physical contact, by a congressman.

Tips for making smart choices when mixing work with social media

We have previously written about how social media sites like Facebook are blurring the lines between work life and private life. An increasing number of companies in Florida and across the country are firing or disciplining employees for Facebook comments or other social media activities that reflect negatively on the company.

More U.S. workplaces are choosing not to hire smokers

There used to be a time in Florida when it was acceptable and commonplace to smoke in almost any building, including the office. In recent decades, more businesses have gone smoke-free and pushed smokers outdoors.

NLRB delivers important ruling affecting arbitration agreements

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have started requiring new hires to sign employment agreements in which they agree to settle all work-related complaints through arbitration rather than litigation. This means that they must agree to work out disputes with an arbitrator rather than pursue a lawsuit.

Former personal assistant sues Lady Gaga for missing overtime pay

When it comes to working odd hours, there are few jobs more demanding than that of the personal assistant; especially the assistants of major celebrities or other busy and powerful individuals. Yet even assistants who are on call 24 hours a day are usually still eligible for overtime pay and other important benefits.

South Florida woman alleges she was fired because of jury duty

Jury duty is an important civic responsibility for American adults. Whether or not an individual ultimately ends up being a juror, he or she must still report for jury duty when called, which usually means missing work.

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