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Study Notes That Workplace Age Discrimination Is Common


Age discrimination at the workplace is common. Such discrimination is significant in Florida because of the large numbers of elderly residents. It also prevents otherwise qualified workers from performing their jobs. Unfortunately, age discrimination does not always garner the attention of other forms of discrimination.

An Insurance Journal periodical references a study concluding that as many as 20 percent of workers over the age of 40 experience on-the-job age discrimination. Most victims never file a complaint out of fear of retaliation. Many employers also fail to provide training that might prevent this discrimination from occurring.

What the statistics state

Significant findings in this study include:

  • Over half of workers witnessed age discrimination at the workplace
  • As many as 62 percent of workers experiencing age discrimination did not report
  • Most did not report it out of fear of workplace hostility
  • Four out of five workers experiencing this discrimination stated it was detrimental to their career
  • Almost half of workers witnessing or experiencing age discrimination eventually left their job

It’s noteworthy that two-thirds of workers wish to continue working after they turn 65. Also, most workplaces do not provide training concerning age discrimination.

The study concluded that training would help reduce age discrimination. A quick and thorough response to complaints also reduced the amount of discrimination.

Understanding legal options concerning age discrimination

The laws concerning age discrimination are clear. Age-related discrimination should not be taking place whatsoever. Unfortunately, whatever the laws may say, it continues to occur.

It is important to understand your legal rights. Experienced employment attorneys can apprise individuals of their legal options when deciding whether to pursue legal action.

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