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Former Store Manager Alleges Employment Discrimination In Lawsuit


How should a person in Florida react if he or she is treated differently to any other employees in a workplace? Although employment discrimination is rampant, victims do not always know what to do about it. In many cases, workers ignore discriminatory actions and hope they will not recur, while others do not believe they can take on large companies in legal actions. No one should endure any violations of civil rights or employment laws.

A Men's Wearhouse location in another state is facing a lawsuit that was recently filed by a former employee alleging disability discrimination. Court documents show that the plaintiff was employed as a manager in one of the group's stores. In 2015, after six years of employment, she contends she suffered several medical problems necessitating certain accommodations at her workplace.

The complaint further alleges that the company's management refused all the plaintiff's requests for accommodations. The plaintiff asserts that hostility toward her increased every time she requested special considerations to accommodate her health problems. This discriminatory treatment ultimately led to her dismissal.

Any Florida worker who is exposed to employment discrimination may follow this woman's lead and retain the services of an experienced employment law attorney. Guidance and support are available, and an attorney can advocate on behalf of the ill-treated employee throughout the legal proceedings. Following the successful presentation of such a case, the court may award a monetary judgment against the company, including compensation for previous and future losses, along with lost benefits and emotional damages sustained.

Source:, "Brazoria County woman accuses Men's Wearhouse of discrimination", Wadi Reformado, April 26, 2016

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