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Racial Discrimination Accusations Leveled At Car Dealership


Considering the number of hours employees in Florida and elsewhere spend at their places of work every day, it is not surprising that lawsuits are filed against employers who allow the maltreatment of employees in any manner. A lawsuit was recently filed by an employee of a Chevrolet dealership in another state. The man alleges racial discrimination and retaliation that ultimately led to wrongful termination.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges Caucasian workers were allowed to congregate in the showroom to await potential customers, while he was disciplined for doing the same. He further claims that he received fewer sales leads and referrals than his white colleagues. The plaintiff claims that no action followed his complaints, and, instead, he was terminated.

The man contends that he was not considered for positions in the company for which he was clearly more qualified than the Caucasians that were hired or promoted. He alleges the company's violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the state's employment discrimination law caused damages, such as disappointment, humiliation, loss of benefits and potential wages he would have received he been fairly promoted. He seeks to be reinstated and compensated for lost income and benefits, along with other damages.

The guidance of an experienced Florida employment attorney can be invaluable, especially in the navigation of a lawsuit against a large concern such as in this case. In many instances of racial discrimination, wrongful termination and more, an attorney can facilitate negotiations that may avoid litigation altogether. However, if such a case goes to trial, a lawyer can fight for an outcome that will be in the best interests of the client.

Source:, "Employee accuses Chevrolet dealership of racial discrimination", April 20, 2016

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