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Wrongful Termination Claim After Alleged Gender Discrimination


All workers in Florida have constitutional rights and may take action if those rights are violated. Unfortunately, some employers fail to protect employees against workplace discrimination. A worker in another state recently filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful termination.

According to the complaint that was filed by a former municipal employee, she was subjected to hostility in the workplace after she mentioned her intention to apply for a more senior position. The plaintiff contends that after she had expressed her wish to secure a position as a supervisor, she was constantly harassed about not being qualified for the job. She asserts that she was told that her being a woman disqualified her for the position.

The plaintiff further alleges that the harassment led to a reduction in salary, and, ultimately, her termination. The woman accused her former employer and a supervisor of denying her the opportunity of promotion, and, thereby, deprived her of her constitutional rights. She seeks recovery of lost income along with the appropriate amount of interest and the costs of the lawsuit and other legal fees.

Florida workers who are suffering the financial consequences of workplace discrimination or wrongful termination may find comfort in knowing that there is help available to provide guidance through the legal proceedings of a lawsuit. An experienced attorney who is skilled in holding employers accountable for discrimination of any kind can assess the client's unique circumstances and explain the available options. A lawyer may be able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement; however, if the case goes to court, he or she can pursue a monetary judgment that will provide fair compensation to the plaintiff.

Source:, "Former Madison Township secretary sues over termination", May 2, 2016

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