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Hewlett-Packard Accused of Age-Related Workplace Discrimination


When companies in Florida and other states announce a plan to restructure, it often involves laying off older workers to replace them with others much younger. Workplace discrimination is prohibited, and workers older than 40 are protected under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Hewlett-Packard is facing a lawsuit alleging such violations.

Class-action status is sought by four former HP employees who filed the lawsuit. The complaint alleges that the high-tech company is purging older employees as part of its restructuring. The company apparently announced a five-year plan of restructuring in 2012, and it is reported that it had since terminated the employ of 80,000 employees.

Court documents show allegations by the plaintiffs that HP has laid off scores of workers between the ages of 52 and 63. Further allegations state that these staff members were replaced by new employees younger than 40 years old. The four ex-HP employees accuse their former employer of violating state and federal laws. Under Florida laws, any company that employs 15 or more workers may not deprive any employee of opportunities or unfavorably affect a worker's status because of his or her age.

Florida workers who are victims of workplace discrimination of any kind need not endure such treatment. Employers who are violating the rights of employees may be held accountable. Standing up against a large conglomerate can seem unachievable, but with the help of a seasoned employment law attorney, a case can be presented that may lead to full and fair compensation for financial and other losses, or the employee may be reinstated if that is what is sought.

Source: CBS San Francisco, "Fired Hewlett-Packard Employees Sue For Age-Discrimination", Aug. 24, 2016

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