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Bullying Is A Violation Of Employee Rights And May Bring Lawsuits


Bullying employees seems to be an increasing occurrence at workplaces in Florida and other states. Although employee rights are there to protect workers against all types of employment law violations, statistics suggest that more than a third of American workers are victims of workplace bullying. Sadly, not all understand the devious ways of bullies, and victims are often seen as unable to cope with common workplace pressure.

What is alarming is the fact that it is often supervisors and managers who subject employees to belittling or offensive comments and humiliation in front of coworkers. Physical abuse even takes place in some extreme cases, but perpetrators are usually devious enough to make sure that their actions are within the standard practices of their companies. Victims are often given the impression that they deserve the actions against them.

Bullying typically strips a victim of confidence, affecting his or her performance at work. It is not uncommon for bullied workers to suffer physical illnesses, clinical depression, panic attacks or debilitating anxiety. Workplace bullies can even continue their devious behavior after victims have left their jobs, by providing poor references that would make it almost impossible to get another job.

Although employee rights entitle bullied workers to take action against offending supervisors or employees, they may fear reprisal and employment loss. However, such abuse need not be endured, and the help and guidance of an experienced employment law attorney in Florida can lead to the bullies being held accountable for their actions. Not only can a lawyer fight for reinstatement of a client's employment, but full remuneration of lost wages and benefits may also be obtained if a case is successfully presented.

Source:, "Workplace Bullying: How to Deal with Intimidation or Harassment at Work", Sandy Smith, Aug. 19, 2016

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