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June 2016 Archives

Workplace discrimination: Replacing old with young is less costly

Many Baby Boomers in Florida are reaching a time in their careers at which their age may be seen as a disadvantage. Those who are now in their 50s and 60s likely went through college with a heightened awareness of their rights and may not be inclined to put up with age discrimination in their places of work. Fortunately, help is available from the attorneys at The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale, who are aggressive advocates for those facing workplace discrimination.

Violations of employee rights may lead to lawsuits

Florida workers have obligations and rights governed by state and federal employment laws. Both former and current employees and even those individuals who are applying for jobs have rights. Due to the diversity of the issues that can arise, the support and guidance of an experienced employment law attorney may be of great help for those who want to pursue legal action against an employer for a violation of employee rights.

Workplace discrimination: Claims involving family care increasing

A nonprofit research group in another state reported a growing number of lawsuits in which family responsibility discrimination is alleged. The group expects an ongoing increase in such workplace discrimination cases as the percentages of aging parents needing care and the responsibilities of caring for physically challenged family members increase. There is also a marked increase in the number of men who assume the roles of primary caregivers across the country, including in Florida.

911 Call Center worker sues city alleging FMLA violation

Workers in Florida whose employers fail to accommodate them in times of ill health may find comfort in knowing that they are entitled to pursue recovery of lost income and other losses. One such a lawsuit was filed against a city in another state. An employee alleges violations of the FMLA in her employer's reaction to her request for medical leave.

Federal lawsuit alleges disability employment discrimination

Employers in Florida and other states must ensure that all employees are treated equally, regardless of race, age, sex, national origin or disabilities. Unfortunately, employment discrimination is prevalent in many workplaces, often leading to lawsuits. Alleged ongoing harassment and discrimination by management and other workers resulted in a woman filing a federal lawsuit in another state.

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