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Workplace Discrimination Often Well Disguised And Subtle


Employers in Florida who are inclined to discriminate against some employees typically do so in subtle ways. It is not uncommon for workers to sense an atmosphere of discrimination but then tell themselves that they are oversensitive or paranoid. The fear of losing a job often prevents victims of workplace discrimination from reporting their suspicions.

Employment discrimination based on religion, gender, race, age or sexual orientation is not allowed. If minimum diversity is noticed in a workplace where all employees conform to the same characteristics, it may indicate that the company prefers to employ individuals fitting those attributes. However, another clear indication is a business in which all types of people are employed, but a clear divide exists between their employment levels. For example, a work environment where all the females are administrative clerks and all the men are in management positions.

Other circumstances that may prove to be discrimination, if analyzed, include a hard-working employee's failure to get promoted. Although no job guarantees promotion, fairness is required. In cases in which other less qualified individuals with fewer skills or less experience are consistently chosen for promotion, there may be some discrimination going on. Sometimes, supervisors or managers use their powers to write poor performance reviews to jeopardize employees' chances of promotion.

Sometimes an employee will be alienated by being allocated all the uninspiring assignments or by being socially excluded from office activities. Fortunately, Florida employees need not tolerate workplace discrimination of any kind. The problem is that it is usually difficult to prove such allegations. Fortunately, the services of experienced employment law attorneys are available to provide support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings of pursuing employment discrimination lawsuits.

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