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April 2016 Archives

Racial discrimination accusations leveled at car dealership

Considering the number of hours employees in Florida and elsewhere spend at their places of work every day, it is not surprising that lawsuits are filed against employers who allow the maltreatment of employees in any manner. A lawsuit was recently filed by an employee of a Chevrolet dealership in another state. The man alleges racial discrimination and retaliation that ultimately led to wrongful termination.

Jury awards $806,000 after sexual harassment of firefighter

Employees nationwide, including in Florida, have certain rights that may not be violated by employers or co-workers. A lieutenant with a fire department in another state claimed her early retirement followed years of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. A jury agreed that her rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act were violated and awarded her $806,000 for punitive and emotional damages, along with lost wages for the earnings she forfeited by early retirement.

Traveling nurses sue for unpaid overtime and owed wages

Florida employees who are enduring violations of wage and hour laws may be interested in a class action lawsuit that was recently filed in another state against the managed care consortium, Kaiser Permanente, and the health care staffing and management services company, AMN. Traveling nurses claim that their workloads commonly require them to work for longer than their 12-hour shifts. Any additional time must be remunerated at a double-time rate as mandated by labor statutes. The nurses seek a monetary judgment for unpaid overtime for those hours and for the failure to pay at all for the additional time worked beyond the ends of their shifts.

GLBT rights discrimination violates Civil Rights Act

Many workers in Florida who are part of the GLBT community have become more open about their sexual orientation, and, in some cases, this has encouraged discrimination in the workplace. Although statutes to protect GLBT rights in the workplace are slow to catch up, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says discrimination based on sexual orientation is a form of sex or gender discrimination. Discrimination that is based on national origin, race, religion or sex is prohibited under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Lawsuit claims woman was fired due to her pregnancy

Florida employees are protected by various laws related to employment and human rights. Some employers retaliate when workers have legitimate reasons for being away from work or needing accommodation such as light duty. A lawsuit was recently filed in another state, alleging wrongful termination because of pregnancy.

Restaurant servers allege wage and hour law violations

Florida workers in industries in which tips form a substantial part of their incomes have to keep a close eye on the manner in which their wages are calculated. Violations of the wage and hour law are not that uncommon -- especially in the restaurant industry. A collection action lawsuit was recently filed against an establishment in another state, alleging misappropriation of tips and the failure to pay overtime.

Former sales consultant accuses car dealership of harassment

Employees of one gender dominate some work environments in Florida and other states, and it is not uncommon for a lone member of the opposite gender to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes one gender is taken advantage of, and this can lead to different types of discrimination and workplace harassment. A lawsuit was recently filed in another state against an automotive group and one of its dealers, alleging wrongful termination that followed gender and age discrimination along with sexual harassment.

Chipotle facing allegations of unpaid overtime, sexual harassment

In recent months, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. has been linked to E. coli and norovirus outbreaks nationwide, including in Florida, but these are not the only problems experienced by this company. It has had to defend numerous labor-related allegations and lawsuits over recent years, including unpaid overtime, sexual harassment and questionable hiring practices. Reportedly, the group was investigated after 450 workers who were undocumented were dismissed in 2010.

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