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80 American Airline Workers Claim Workplace Discrimination


Many Florida residents who love to fly are very familiar with American Airlines and look to the company for safe travel to their destinations. According to some employees, the airline is not always looking out for the best interests and safety of its customers. It is also apparently mistreating some of its workers who have requested that a workplace discrimination and safety violation investigation be conducted.

A group of minority ramp workers for the airline in another state -- a majority of whom are black -- feel that they are the victims of racial discrimination. They allege that managers use derogatory slurs when speaking to them, as well as gave nicknames to parts of the terminal and jobs that they consider offensive. The 80 plaintiffs further allege that there is a distinct segregation practice in the workplace. The teams and job assignments, as well as break rooms and control rooms, all have a division based on race.

The workers also are accusing the airline of unsafe practices that could put the customers and other employees at risk. The plaintiffs were purportedly told that broken equipment and trucks were to be pulled out of the area before inspectors came so that they would not be seen. This prompted the plaintiffs to write to the U.S. Attorney General to investigate both claims. In the letter, one of the workers stated that supervisors coerced the maintenance workers to not complete all of the repairs that were needed on the engines for the planes to properly fly.

American Airlines contends that the workplace discrimination claims were investigated, and the company believes that they are unfounded. It also stated that the safety of everyone is their highest priority, and the company claims to be in full compliance with safety regulations. This is not the first time that American has been accused of either one of the complaints. Florida workers who believe that they have been victimized based on a protected status characteristic have the legal right to pursue claims to attempt to correct any injustices.

Source:, "Eighty American Airlines employees claim racial discrimination and safety violations", Linda Loyd, July 16, 2015

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