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Dominos Pizza Manager Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Workers


Many Florida residents who turn to Domino's for their pizza fix may be upset by allegations made by some of the restaurant chain's female employees in another state. The women claim they were the victims of sexual harassment, beginning shortly after one of the women was hired. One of the plaintiffs, a delivery driver, asserts that her manager made statements about hiring women based on how attractive they appeared on their Facebook profiles. She is said to have reported these comments to the restaurant's general manager.

Thereafter, a mandatory sexual harassment meeting was held, but that apparently did not deter the manager from his actions. One of the plaintiffs said that he made her uncomfortable by saying she was his type. Allegedly, he also touched her back, knocked her hat from her head and pulled her uniform shirt out from her pants. She reported his behavior to a new general manager, but she claims that manager indicated that she was the problem and that her manager was doing nothing wrong.

The women claim they became the victims of retaliation. A delivery driver said that her hours were drastically reduced and then was given the option to be fired or sign a disciplinary action form and be transferred. She chose the latter. A high school student clerk claims that her hours were reduced to four hours per week and then was removed from the schedule. The assistant manager alleges that her hours were dropped from 44 to 24 hours per week and then was terminated.

One of the plaintiffs claimed to have copies of her previous schedules that demonstrate the drop in hours were only applied to the women who complained. The affected women have also contacted upper management at Domino's about the situation and complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at the Human Rights Bureau of the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. Sexual harassment is intolerable on the job or elsewhere, and aggrieved Florida workers are entitled to file complaints through the proper chain of command. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the workers may turn to the civil court system for justice.

Source:, "Sexual harassment claims against Dominos employee", Deborah Fox, Aug. 5, 2015

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