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Red Robin Accused Of A Woman's Wrongful Termination


Restaurant chains require large numbers of employees in order to serve their customers. Decisions about hiring these employees should never be made based on discriminating factors, and those responsible for making those decisions are required to abide by the law. However, sometimes the situation can be reversed, and Florida employees may receive a wrongful termination for abiding by the law.

A woman who was a certified trainer and lead bartender for Red Robin claims that she was fired because she refused to discriminate against an applicant. She had worked for the company for over 11 years at various locations. When a new franchise was being prepared for its opening, she was asked to help open the restaurant.

During her tenure at the new store, one of the workers -- who happened to be black -- was terminated because he was wearing headphones. In another instance, she had met with a black applicant and thought he would make a good employee. She suggest that the restaurant hire him. However, she alleges the assistant manager stopped her and, while using a derogatory term, said that black employees were not needed in the store. She claims he also said that the firing of the previous employee was racially motivated.

After the incident, the woman claims she became the victim of harassment and was told she needed to reapply for her job and that customers had filed complaints about her. The plaintiff tried to discuss the issue with her district manager, however, she alleges that her calls were never answered, and she was ultimately fired. She filed a wrongful termination complaint with the Idaho Human Rights Commission to request an investigation, which determined the company did indeed retaliate against her. Because of her loss of benefits, she lost her home and is seeking financial redress. Florida workers who feel that they have lost their jobs due to illegal practices may choose to file claims against their employers.

Source:, "Ex-employee sues Red Robin alleging racial discrimination, wrongful termination", Rob Kauder, May 19, 2015

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