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Retaliation should not be outcome of sexual harassment complaints


When a Florida resident is in a situation that makes him or her uncomfortable, one of the first reactions to have may be to complain about the situation. Some parties may complain without thought of negative repercussions, but workers who are subjected to sexual harassment on the job may fear that complaining could put their jobs at risk. However, the loss of a job due to a harassment claim should not be tolerated, and individuals may wish to take legal steps.

A husband and wife in another state are currently combating their terminations after they were both let go from the same company. It was reported that the pair worked for a rental car service and that the woman began to experience sexual harassment while at work. She was reportedly subjected to inappropriate comments and touching. As a result, she filed a complaint.

It was also noted that the couple had requested -- and been approved -- for time off due to the woman's need to have surgery. However, after taking the time off, the couple was terminated from their positions as a manager claimed they missed too many days of work. The couple believes that the terminations were retaliation for the harassment complaint and are currently seeking a lawsuit against the company and related defendants.

Workers have a right to feel safe in the workplace, and they should also have the ability to file complaints for situations that promote a hostile work environment. Florida workers should not fear retaliation after complaining about sexual harassment. If a worker does feel that he or she was unjustly treated after filing a complaint, looking into information on wrongful termination or other potentially applicable legal actions may be prudent.

Source:, "Couple says they were fired after reporting sexual harassment", Annie Cosby, Dec. 30, 2014

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