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Wrongful termination case may interest Florida workers


When Florida residents are terminated from employment positions, they often wonder why they are being let go. In many cases, the employee is given a valid reason and the situation is accepted. However, there are also cases of wrongful termination in which a worker is fired as a retaliatory, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate act. These cases can become more complicated.

A worker in another state recently filed a lawsuit against two individuals as well as the city for which he was formerly employed. The individuals named in the case were the worker's supervisor and the assistant city manager. It was reported that the worker attempted to perform his duties in a satisfactory manner, but he felt that he was unjustly singled-out by the supervisor and manager as the subject of "hostile treatment."

The worker filed a complaint about the actions, which he felt were discriminatory. Later, he was given a negative work review from the supervisor and eventually terminated from his position. He also stated that the manager sought to embarrass him in front of his coworkers by publicly taking away his access to a company car. The former worker is pursuing a case for defamation and wrongful termination.

Situations where an employee feels that his or her termination came about from unjust circumstances can be harrowing. If there is sound reasoning to believe that an individual was let go due to discrimination or retaliation, there could be cause to file a wrongful termination claim. Florida workers may wish to find out more information about this type of legal claim to determine whether it could be right for their circumstances.

Source:, "Former engineer sues Myrtle Beach for defamation, wrongful termination", Dec. 23, 2014

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