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Pregnancy should not lead to employment discrimination in Florida


For many Florida women, becoming pregnant does not necessarily mean that they want to give up their jobs. However, because pregnancies can sometimes become complicated or require mothers-to-be to make certain accommodations during their workdays, working may become more difficult. If accommodations can be made, many women are happy to continue working under the restrictions. Unfortunately, some pregnant workers could become the victims of employment discrimination.

A woman in another state is currently looking to pursue a lawsuit after she says she was discriminated against due to her pregnancy. It was reported that the woman was a certified nursing assistant, and due to complications related to her pregnancy, she was required to perform less work. The woman stated that lighter duties were often given to workers who were unable to lift heavy objects, and she expected to be given such duties.

Instead of simply limiting her work duties, the woman was completely removed from the work rotation. As a result of the situation, the woman eventually had to find other employment. The woman filed a federal complaint due to discrimination, and she is currently seeking compensation for financial losses relating to the situation.

In Florida, there are laws protecting pregnant women from facing employment discrimination. Therefore, if a pregnant employee finds herself facing similar actions as the one described in this case, there may be cause to file a complaint. Information on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace could provide valuable knowledge on how to potentially go about seeking compensation for individuals who believe they were treated unfairly.

Source: USA Today, "N.C. woman battles for the right to work while pregnant", Beth Walton, Jan. 11, 2015

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