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Florida sexual harassment lawsuit settled


The majority of working individuals in Florida work because they must in order to meet their bills and living expenses. These individuals expect to be able to work in an environment that allows them to do their job and perhaps advance within their field based upon their work performance. An environment in which sexual harassment is present is not only illegal, but it inhibits individuals from enjoying their work and being able to thrive in it.

Recently, a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against SunTrust Bank was settled for $300,000. According to the lawsuit, three employees claimed that their branch manager was sexually harassing them. They stated that the male manager physically hindered a young female employee from being able to get out from behind the teller line. They also stated that he made inappropriate comments, leered at female breasts and inappropriately touched female employees.

These concerned employees brought this matter to the attention of the assistant branch manager and other managers within the company. They claim that the bank's human resources division was made aware of the problem; however, the bank allegedly failed to take action. In addition, the accused manager resigned, but he was subsequently rehired by the company.

Based upon their sexual harassment concerns, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission conducted an investigation into the matter. Apparently, it agreed with the female workers who made the claim and this matter has now been settled for $300,000. Additionally, SunTrust has agreed to provide sexual harassment training for its South Florida managers. Individuals who believe that they have been sexually harassed in the workplace will want to review their legal rights and decide what course of action is most beneficial for them.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, "SunTrust bank agrees to pay $300,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit", Ivan Penn, June 10, 2014

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