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Former Florida hospital employee files sexual harassment claim


A situation in which a person is sexually harassed can be upsetting, humiliating and frightening. If such a situation occurs at a place of employment, a worker typically depends on their supervisor or employer to correct the situation. However, if the abuser is an employer, the situation may become more complicated, and a sexual harassment victim may not know where to turn. Luckily, there are legal options that could help a victim or victims out of the situation.

A former surgical technician in a Florida hospital is suing the healthcare system and a surgeon who she worked for. According to reports, the tech claims that she and other female employees were groped and otherwise inappropriately harassed by the surgeon while on the job. This type of incident apparently happened for years.

The former employee states that she reported the unwanted actions to her supervisor, but that there were no actions taken against the surgeon to ensure that the behavior came to an end. At this time, she has decided to take legal action due to the lack of support from her former employer. Representation for the surgeon named in the suit stated that the man does not admit to any misbehavior.

Situations of sexual harassment in the workplace can lead to an employee feeling very unsafe while on the job. If reports are made to superiors and the situation is not seriously looked into, the actions could potentially continue. Florida workers who feel that they have been harassed and their complaints have gone unheeded may wish to explore their legal options for handling the situation.

Source: Health News Florida, "Surgeon, 80, Sued for Sexual Harassment", , May 16, 2014

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