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Hostile work environment should not be tolerated in Florida


When a Florida worker travels to their place of employment, the way there can be filled with a mixture of emotions. While many people may not pay much attention to how they feel on their way to work, some individuals may be all too aware of the dread they feel going into a hostile work environment. In these situations, some employees could face harassment or unfair treatment on a daily basis.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. recently came to a settlement regarding claims that women faced hostile circumstances in one of their facilities. The settlement comes from a federal lawsuit against the company due to sexual harassment and other negative behaviors that occurred at the place of employment. It was also claimed that women who did not tolerate the behaviors were denied certain employment benefits.

The behaviors carried out by superiors reportedly made for an uncomfortable work environment. The settlement reportedly comes to approximately $1.5 million that will be divided among 16 female employees. Representatives for the company did state that they agreed that such negative behaviors did not belong in the workplace.

A hostile work environment can lead to employees dreading their obligation to go into their place of employment. Unfortunately, many workers face such circumstances because they need to remain in their position to generate income. Sexual harassment and other negative behaviors exhibited in the workplace can have an extremely detrimental effect on individuals and workplace productivity. As a result, individuals in Florida who feel they have dealt with harassment or other such behaviors in their place of employment may wish to consider learning more about applicable state laws that could possibly lead to a better work environment when carried out.

Source: Yahoo News, JPMorgan to pay $1.5M to settle harassment case, Sam Hananel, Feb. 4, 2014

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