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Florida job applicants could fall victim to age discrimination


Applying for a new job can make many Florida applicants simultaneously excited and apprehensive. The prospect of being hired to a position that they are qualified for can be cause for much anticipation, but the idea of possibly being passed over and the job given to another candidate can be disheartening. Such a situation can become even more discouraging when some sort of discrimination is thought to have occurred.

There are several types of discrimination that can take place when it comes to employment, and age discrimination is among the most common types. Unfortunately, some candidates may be rejected from a position simply due to their age, though they may be qualified. It is difficult to prove such discrimination during the hiring process if the candidate who is hired is just as qualified for the job.

Some hiring managers may see older individuals as overqualified for certain positions. In cases of overqualified parties, superiors may be afraid that the individual may leave the position as soon as a better position opens. However, being overly qualified does not only apply to older candidates, and a younger candidate could be just as likely to leave a position soon after obtaining the job if they feel a better one has opened.

Though it can be difficult to prove age discrimination during the hiring process, if a Florida worker feels they were terminated from their position due to their age, they may wish to further evaluate their situation. Discrimination laws do exist, and information on state employment laws could help an individual determine whether pursuing legal action could be right for them. If they feel discrimination took place, they may also feel that filing a claim and seeking compensation could be a viable path.

Source: Forbes, The Ugly Truth About Age Discrimination, Liz Ryan, Jan. 31, 2014

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