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Florida laws could impact discrimination against pregnant women


Having a job often means being able to use an income to take care of personal and household needs. When a woman becomes pregnant, that income may become even more important as more expenses are likely to come about due to a growing family and medical expenses. Unfortunately, some pregnant women may face employment discrimination because they are expecting a child.

In Florida, there is no law that directly protects pregnant women from discrimination. As a result, some women may lose their jobs as their pregnancy progresses. Employers may feel that the workers may no longer be able to carry out their duties as well or they may not be willing to accommodate certain changes that a pregnant individual may need in the workplace.

There are currently proposals in state legislation hoping to clarify and protect pregnant woman against employment discrimination. Facing termination due to pregnancy can cause significant setbacks for mothers-to-be. Advocates against such discrimination are hoping that the law will be passed and more protection for these women will be available.

The fight against discrimination in the workplace has come a long way, but as this type of situation shows, it also has a long way to go. Being discriminated against in any manner should not be accepted, but it continues to take place in work environments. Therefore, if a concerned party feels that she was a victim of discrimination, she may wish to stay updated on possible changes in Florida employment laws to see if they could affect her situation.

Source:, You Can't Discriminate Against Pregnant Women, No author, Jan. 15, 2014

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