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Discrimination suit comes to a settlement in Florida


Individuals who have a disability can often face more challenges in finding employment. This difficulty can stem from finding a position with duties that they can realistically carry out to finding employers who are willing to make certain accommodations. However, if a person is terminated from a position due to a disability, it could be considered an act of discrimination, and legal action may be necessary.

A case in Florida involving a general practitioner and Baptist Health South Florida recently came to a settlement. The case reportedly began when the health facility would no longer adhere to accommodations for the general practitioner, who has epilepsy. The claim stated that her work hours would not be limited to eight-hour days and that she was terminated from her position due to her disability.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the case on behalf for the general practitioner after feeling that the health company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. A settlement was recently reached in which the company paid $215,000. It was noted that the company involved in the litigation often makes the list of Best Companies to Work For presented by Fortune.

Having a disability can already hinder a person's life considerably, and when that person also faces discrimination in the workplace, the disability can seem even more like a burden. Luckily, as this case shows, there are organizations willing to stand up against discrimination in order to ensure that individuals are treated fairly. If Florida workers feel that they have faced workplace discrimination, they may also wish to look into their options for filing a complaint to determine whether legal action may be suited for their circumstances.

Source: South Florida Business Journal, Baptist Health settles federal disability discrimination lawsuit, Brian Bandell, Feb. 24, 2014

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