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What can you do about sexual harassment in the workplace?


Workplace environments should be pleasant atmospheres in which to work. Florida employees should not fear sexual harassment while they are on the job that could create a feeling of hostility. If you are harassed while at work, you may be uncertain what to do about the situation. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help stop such unwarranted behaviors.

The first step in this type of situation would be to tell the person to stop the unwanted and harassing behavior. Making it clear that the actions are making you uncomfortable may be enough in some cases for the harasser to cease the behavior. If the individual continues with their inappropriate actions, telling a supervisor may be necessary. If supervisors and other parties in positions of authority are aware of the situation, they may be able to use that authority to ensure that the actions stop.

Keeping documents of any harassment encounters as well as when and to whom you have filed a complaint can help substantiate your claims. If your employers fail to take action, these documents may be presented to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which is with whom the next claim would need to be filed. By making this or the appropriate state agency aware of your situation, there may be a greater chance of investigation and beneficial results.

If after taking these steps in attempts to stop sexual harassment you still feel that situation has not been improved, taking legal action may be the next feasible step. Information on pursuing this avenue in Florida may be helpful in the assessment of your situation and determining whether it is the right choice for your circumstances.

Each case concerning workplace harassment is unique, and as this information covers broad strategy points, it may be prudent to look into specific steps that may be available to you or at your place of employment. An experienced employment law attorney can help with this.

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