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Former Florida officer files case for wrongful termination

If an employee is let go from his or her job, many questions may be thought about regarding the situation, including whether the termination was necessary. Wrongful termination affects numerous people across the country, and as a result, many individuals take legal action in order to rectify the situation and seek compensation. After being fired from his job, a former Florida police officer is looking to pursue a case of his own.

The situation reportedly began after the man was fired after apparently sending pictures of a car accident to a news station. The fatal accident reportedly involved a deputy with the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office. When the man was allegedly asked by superiors about sending the photos, he denied having done so. However, his legal representation stated that the questioning caught the man off guard and that after initially denying the action he recanted and said that he did send pictures.

The man was later fired from his job that same day. The chief involved in the termination stated that the man lied to his superiors and that such actions were not tolerated. However, it is apparently not stated in the policies for city personnel that lying is an offense worthy of termination. The official reasoning behind the man’s termination was reported as being for unsatisfactory work performance due to previous actions.

Because the former worker believes that his is a case of wrongful termination, he is hoping to fight the decision to fire him. Therefore, he may wish to assess his situation and determine which legal strategies might be best for his circumstances. No party should be unjustly fired from their job, especially without applicable cause or notice, and information on wrongful termination in Florida could help concerned parties determine whether they have been a victim of such actions.

Source:, "Fired officer sues Okeechobee City Police Department", Eric Kopp, Aug. 1, 2014

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