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A claim could prove beneficial after Florida wrongful termination


Being hired to a position can bring about a sense of relief and excitement as you prepare to start a new career journey. Unfortunately, losing a job can have just the opposite effect as you may begin to worry about how you will support yourself and your family. It is important in any situation to understand why you may have been let go from your job, and if you suspect wrongful termination, you may wish to consider the potentially beneficial avenue of seeking legal action.

Though Florida is an employment-at-will state, you may still have a case for wrongful termination -- even if you did not have an employment contract. If an employer has participated in defamation or misrepresentation, you may have cause for a case. Defamation means that an employer may have spoken badly about you to other individuals in the company before your termination or to another company, which could damage your reputation, and as a result, you could be further hindered in your search for a new position.

Misrepresentation could mean that a company hires you with the possible promise of company benefits, only to terminate you from the position as soon as you have performed the necessary duties. Misrepresentation may lead you to believe that you will be entering into a beneficial workplace situation only to be used and then fired. This form of manipulation could cause you to make serious life changes in order to take the job, only to have your life once again turned upside down after your termination.

When finding out more about wrongful termination, you will want to ensure that you have the necessary support on your side. By exploring legal options in Florida and turning to assistance from individuals who are eager to try your case, you may have a more substantial chance of gaining a beneficial outcome. Filing a claim may assist you in receiving compensation for the hardships you were put through due to unjustly losing your job.

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