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Older Florida workers could face employment discrimination


When a Florida employee has been working with a company for the majority of their career and are nearing retirement, suddenly being let go from a position may come as quite a shock. Unfortunately, many older workers may face employment discrimination if employers feel that it is time for a younger candidate to take over the position. While employers may see this as a beneficial business move, middle-aged employees can be left struggling with unemployment.

One man just four years away from reaching retirement gave his account of being let go from a position. He had reportedly worked for the company for 23 years and was let go with only a small severance as consolation. Though he had been nearing retirement age, he still had children to care for and expenses to take care of that were now hanging in a limbo of uncertainty.

Discrimination laws should deter employers from firing an employee simply due to their age. However, it is an unfortunate reality that other excuses are sometimes found in order to let an older worker go. In these situations, an older worker may feel that they were unjustly terminated from their position and also feel uncertain as to how they are going to continue taking care of their living expenses.

Suddenly losing a job can be a serious setback for people of all ages. However, if that termination is suspected of being based solely on age, the situation can be more difficult to handle. Employment discrimination is something that should be fought against in order to deter future cases. If an individual feels that they were wrongfully discriminated against due to their age or other reasons, information on Florida employment laws may be able to help them determine whether pursuing a case for compensation could be the right path.

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