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December 2011 Archives

Former security official for the NBA files retaliation lawsuit

Basketball fans in Florida were no doubt elated to hear that the 2011-2012 season was just delayed, rather than cancelled outright. Whether your team is the Miami Heat or the Orlando Magic, it was likely welcome news to hear that the season is now underway.

Since when is 'strip club attendance' in the job description?

Most Florida residents work in fairly boring office environments. Conversation is usually polite, inoffensive and non-political, and not much employee interaction happens outside work.

South Florida restaurants targeted for violating labor laws

We have previously written that some employers will try to save money by cheating workers out of wages and benefits that they have earned and to which they are legally entitled under laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Avoiding some legal pitfalls of office holiday parties: Part II

Earlier this week, we wrote that many companies in Broward County and across Florida will be throwing holiday parties this month in order to thank their employees for a good year and allow everyone a chance to mix more casually.

Avoiding some legal pitfalls of office holiday parties: Part I

December is a socially busy month. And it is one of the few times of the year when it is customary for work life to mix with social life. This usually occurs in the form of the holiday party.

The debate over social media and protected employee speech: Part II

Many Florida employees have used Facebook or other sites to vent about job frustrations to their coworkers. But if the boss finds out, could they be fired? Earlier this week, we wrote about a growing issue in employment law: whether or not work complaints made on social media sites are considered protected employee speech.

The debate over social media and protected employee speech: Part I

We have previously written about the ways in which social media such as Facebook and Twitter is impacting employment law. Over the last year, employees in Florida and around the country have been fired or disciplined for making work-related complaints on social media sites.

Employee fired after medical leave says boss made his illness worse

The office is a stressful environment, and that stress can contribute to sickness or chronic illness, even in the beautiful climate of South Florida. But many Fort Lauderdale residents are left to wonder whether stress caused by a demanding boss is grounds for legal action.

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