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The Me Too Movement And Sexual Harassment At Work


Quiet nondisclosure agreements to make claims of sexual harassment in the workplace go away are no longer the norm. Thanks in part to the "Me Too" movement, reports of sexual harassment are no longer ignored as they had been in the past. Women and men reporting unwanted sexual advances or threats of job loss if they do not put out for their boss are now being listened to. Gone are the days of snubbing these important claims. "Zero tolerance" for sexual harassment is the law, but sexual harassment is still occurring.

While the actual figures vary, various sources report more women than men are experiencing sexual harassment at work. It is known that millions of people are experiencing sexual harassment at work, however are not reporting it. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) treats sexual harassment discrimination charges seriously. As does The Amlong Firm. We have decades of experience successfully empowering clients to remedy sexual harassment at work. Our firm won the first multimillion-dollar sexual harassment judgment in Florida. We can help you. Contact us or call us at (954) 953-5490 to schedule your consultation. We will do what it takes to protect your right to a dignified work atmosphere.

Now Is the Time to Work Toward Complete Change

You do not have to cope with sexual harassment or lose your job. If you are experiencing sexual harassment - or see it occur to someone else at your workplace - report it. Most employers must meet federal requirements to provide employees information on their sexual harassment policies and procedures for reporting it.

Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. Verbal or physical abuse that is essentially discriminating against a person's sex is illegal. Keeping a written log of the incidences of offensive conduct can help prove your claim. Various incidences can amount to a hostile work environment or a person being treated differently than those of the opposite sex. Sexual harassment can be distressing to the point where a worker is no longer able to adequately complete work assignments or feels compelled to quit the job altogether. If your workplace has become hostile, contact an attorney to discuss your legal options for filing hostile environment sexual harassment claim.

Do You Have a Case for Sexual Harassment?

Find out today. Work with trusted lawyers who have a solid reputation for favorable outcomes well before the "Me Too" movement rolled in. Call The Amlong Firm to arrange for your consultation at (954) 953-5490. We are experienced employment law attorneys who are committed to continuing this momentum of ending sexual harassment in the workplace.

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