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Outsmarting Age Discrimination In The Application Process


Age discrimination is a serious concern for workers over a certain age. Employers may be reticent to hire older staff members for a number of reasons. There is a cultural stereotype that leads people to believe that older workers aren't as good with technology as younger workers.

Additionally, hiring skilled older workers often be much more expensive than a student fresh out of college. Regardless of why a company does it, it is frustrating for a skilled worker to encounter age discrimination when looking for a new or better job. You may start looking for ways to help yourself stay competitive as an older applicant in a work economy increasingly favoring the young.

Take the education dates off of your resume

One of the easiest ways to date yourself is to include the year that you graduated college in your resume or cover letter. Simply referencing the school and your degree, as well as your experience, should be sufficient.

Your prospective future employer can work with you if they need transcripts or other documentation to verify your educational background later in the process. By removing those dates from your resume and cover letter, you help blend in with the other applicants and make it more likely that you can secure an interview, where you will be considered more for your personality and skills.

Cultivate a youthful appearance on social media, especially professional platforms

If you are in the process of hunting for a job, you should already have privacy protections for your social media accounts. The things that you share online can hurt your professional prospects, which you likely know if you are a serious professional.

Unfortunately, even the professional images that you share can change someone's opinion of you. This is particularly true on platforms like LinkedIn, which can be how someone first connects with you as a professional. Dated images can reduce your odds of success.

From updating your wardrobe in your photograph to using a generic image if you don't want to take photos that make you look younger, there are many ways to manipulate the way that you come across on social media and help you seem like an appealing candidate.

Invest in continuing education that keeps you competitive

One of the best things you can do to help yourself stand out from a crowd of applicants is to have a host of educational experience related to the position. Continuing to expand your computer literacy and getting certifications in programs relevant to your field can help you look younger or at least digitally savvy enough to make you a competitive hire.

If you have found that your job hunt or your professional career overall has stalled because of your age, you might need to explore whether discrimination is playing a role. Working with an experienced Fort Lauderdale employment law attorney can help you determine if you have grounds for recourse against an employer who discriminates against you based on your age.

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