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Yes, Men Can Face Gender Discrimination, Too


When you think of gender discrimination, you may only think about it involving discrimination against women. However, that's not always the case. It's equally possible to discriminate against men.

For example, imagine that a business has an all-female staff. A man applies, but he's immediately denied the position due to not "fitting the image" of the company. If you can see that no men have been hired and that there is no reason for females to be preferred specifically for the job, then this could constitute discrimination.

There are times when a person might not get a job due to their gender, which is something to keep in mind. For example, someone hiring for a female role in a play may not want to hire a male. Someone hiring a female waitstaff in a themed restaurant may still hire males to different roles legally. Not every case of potential discrimination is, but it's worth looking into.

What is the Equal Pay Act of 1963?

Another type of discrimination that a man could face is not receiving equal pay for his work. This is usually something that women deal with over men, but it is possible for it to happen to either gender. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 requires that employers pay the same wages to workers who are doing the same job regardless of gender.

What do you do if you've been discriminated against due to your gender?

If you believe that you have been discriminated against due to your gender, it is important that you collect as much evidence about any instances of discrimination that you can. This evidence will support your case against an individual or employer.

Next, you'll be able to file a complaint or charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The federal agency is in charge of overseeing the investigation of most federal employment discrimination claims. If you plan to take legal action, this is where you need to begin.

You should know that there are some limits as to what the EEOC protects and how it can remedy the situation. There are limits on monetary penalties that can be claimed as damages.

If you have faced discrimination, don't leave your case to chance. You are able to bring on your own attorney to help you put together the pieces and to bring your case to the EEOC or court in a helpful, easy-to-understand format.

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