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Workplace discrimination: Claims involving family care increasing


A nonprofit research group in another state reported a growing number of lawsuits in which family responsibility discrimination is alleged. The group expects an ongoing increase in such workplace discrimination cases as the percentages of aging parents needing care and the responsibilities of caring for physically challenged family members increase. There is also a marked increase in the number of men who assume the roles of primary caregivers across the country, including in Florida.

The majority of these claims include complaints such as the unfair treatment of workers with elder care obligations. The same consideration is required for men who are responsible for the care of a spouse, elderly family members or children. Another group of people who seem to endure discrimination is pregnant women and those who need accommodation for breastfeeding after their return to work.

The research group mentioned that lawsuits resulting from such discrimination can cause significant harm to companies. The group is of the opinion that businesses should pay attention and give promotions, raises and more challenging duties to employees without prejudice. Employers should also guard against promoting gender inequality based on preconceived ideas, rather than work performance.

Employees in Florida who are enduring workplace discrimination based on their family care responsibilities need not fear. With the guidance and support of an experienced employment law attorney, such egregious legal violations can be addressed. A lawyer can ensure that caregivers are protected under the Florida Civil Rights Act and assist victims of such discrimination to recover lost wages, be reinstated after wrongful termination or get deserved promotions.

Source:, "The discrimination lawsuit you didn't see coming", Diane Stafford, May 29, 2016

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