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Violations of employee rights may lead to lawsuits


Florida workers have obligations and rights governed by state and federal employment laws. Both former and current employees and even those individuals who are applying for jobs have rights. Due to the diversity of the issues that can arise, the support and guidance of an experienced employment law attorney may be of great help for those who want to pursue legal action against an employer for a violation of employee rights.

Workplace discrimination, violations of safety regulations, wage and tax law violations may all be a proper basis of a civil claim. If the claim pertains to a contract between the employer and employee, the duties and rights of the parties will likely be governed by state law alone. A seasoned attorney can help identify which laws may be applicable to a particular situation.

Some of the rights of employees include the right to fair compensation and freedom from many forms of discrimination. During a job application, an employer is not allowed to discriminate against an applicant by gender, age, race, religion or national origin. There are also restrictions on the questions that prospective employers may ask job applicants, including questions about their families. Employees and applicants have a right to privacy, and an employer may not conduct credit or background checks without the employee's permission in writing.

Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (including the failure to pay overtime as required) and the Family and Medical Leave Act also lead to many civil lawsuits that are filed at the state or federal level in Florida. Some individuals feel overwhelmed by the prospect of suing their employers. Fortunately, help is available from experienced employee rights attorneys who are skilled in pursuing full recovery of damages -- through negotiation and/or litigation.

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