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There Are Remedies Against Wage And Hour Law Violations


A Florida employer who fails or refuses to pay an employee for extra hours worked may regard the amount of money for a few overtime hours per week as insignificant. However, for the employee who is struggling financially, every bit of extra income can be vital. Fortunately, there is a wage and hour law in place that protects workers against being exploited.

Overtime must be paid for any hours exceeding 40 per week. The federal and state laws that protect workers also cover unlawful withholding of commissions and wages and failure to pay minimum wage. In some cases, employers will force employees to work off the clock -- this is also illegal. Workers are sometimes misclassified to allow an employer to pay them as independent contractors or exempt employees in industries such as construction, entertainment, travel and more.

It is also not uncommon for employers who withhold wages for one worker to do the same with others. Groups of workers who have been affected by wage and hour law violations may pursue class-action lawsuits. However, such a lawsuit may be best navigated by an experienced employment law attorney.

It is not uncommon for Florida workers to endure employer violations of the wage and hour law because of the potential costs of lawsuits. They may find comfort in learning that the attorneys at The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale handle such claims on a contingency basis. They will evaluate the claim for viability, and if there is a strong case, they will advocate on behalf of the affronted person. In some cases, it is even possible to get the employer to pay the legal costs.

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